Broadband Expansion – Comprehensive Community Infrastructure

General Information
Program/Project Name: Broadband Technology Opportunities Program

Funding Category: Growing Philadelphia’s Businesses, Economy & Workforce

Program Description
Federal Grant Name: Broadband Technology Opportunities Program – Comprehensive Community Infrastructure

Programs Supported Through Funding: Upgrade and expand Philadelphia wireless infrastructure to create complete City coverage for public safety.  Enable 20 homeless and transitional housing facilities with wireless Internet to support one of Philadelphia’s disadvantaged populations.

Why Apply for this Grant?
To strengthen Philadelphia’s commitment to public safety by enabling police and fire stations with wireless connectivity and creating a public safety network that would technology capabilities in the field.  Also to facilitate the return of formerly homeless persons to work and permanent housing by providing them with the technology necessary to succeed in today’s online world.

Program Objectives
Use of Funds:
To upgrade and expand Philadelphia’s wireless infrastructure for public safety coverage and to provide Internet connectivity at homeless and transitional housing facilities.

Grant Achievements for the Quarter: During the current reporting quarter, we performed pre-implementation work for the grant including, but not limited to, completing required registrations in and Additionally, we have now formed the PCC Steering Committee and have been meeting for several weeks to address the many facets of implementing this grant such as setting up reporting and monitoring structures for the grant so the City can effectively manage the grant funds.

Actual # of FTE jobs created for the quarter*:

Q3: NA

Q4: NA

Q5: NA

*In the City of Philadelphia’s quarterly federal report, also know as Section 1512 reports, jobs are calculated based on hours worked, instead of the number of people at work. It also looks only at jobs funded directly by the Recovery Act, and does not include jobs created indirectly. Direct jobs are counted quarterly and are not cumulative.

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