Criminal Justice Improvement Programs—Re-Entry/C-Tech Training

General Information
Program/Project Name: Criminal Justice Improvement Programs—Re-Entry/C-Tech Training

Funding Category: Improving Public Safety

Program Description
Federal Grant Name: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act – Training and Workforce Development

Programs Supported Through Funding: The funds will be used to provide customized training in cable installation, basic telecommunications and low-voltage electric.

Why Apply for this Grant?
In addressing the labor market in the City of Philadelphia and conducting research on the fastest growing industries in the area, the research supported the continuous growth of the cable industry and telecommunications in the City. This was particularly highlighted with Comcast Cable being headquartered in Philadelphia and Verizon’s major push on installing FIOS in the Philadelphia area. This information supported the fact that these two industries would create employment opportunities for those who have training and certification in these fields. Additionally we looked at PECO and the need for employees in this field, so we felt that the low-voltage electric training would contribute to employment opportunities in this field as well.

Given this information we selected to train participants in our Managed Reintegration Network (MRN) for employment in these fields. The first year that we implemented this strategy we successfully trained 20 participants who achieved their industry-certification in cable and telecommunications, and all were placed in employment in these fields.

Program Objectives:
– Customized training for 50 participants in the MRN
– Industry-recognized certification
– Job placement and job retention
– Case management for successful re-integration back into society
– Life coaching

Use of Funds: The grant funds will be used to train 50 Re-Integration Services for Ex-Offenders (R.I.S.E.) participants in customized training for cable installation, telecommunications and low-voltage electric. Upon completion of training the participants will take the industry-recognized, national certification exams for certification in the areas of instruction listed above. The participants will also receive wrap-around services that include 100% case management, job readiness training, job placement, job retention support and life coaching.

Actual # of FTE jobs created for the quarter*:

Q5: 2.98

Q6: Grant has completed.

*In the City of Philadelphia’s quarterly federal report, also know as Section 1512 reports, jobs are calculated based on hours worked, instead of the number of people at work. It also looks only at jobs funded directly by the Recovery Act, and does not include jobs created indirectly. Direct jobs are counted quarterly and are not cumulative.

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