Lead Hazard/Healthy Homes for Child Care

General Information
Program/Project Name: HUD – Healthy Homes for Childcare

Funding Category: Serving the Most Vulnerable

Program Description
Federal Grant Name: HUD Healthy Homes Demonstration Grant

Programs Supported Through Funding: HUD Healthy Homes for Childcare

Why Apply for this Grant? To continue and expand environmental health and safety interventions made available for home-based family childcare providers in Philadelphia. This program will provide services that will protect children in home-based childcare from the risks of housing related environmental health and safety hazards (EHS), specifically those caused by inadequate indoor air quality and pests-related asthma triggers. Funds will be used to assess and remediate multiple hazards and to educate childcare providers on methods to improve home air quality, minimize risks, and reduce asthma triggers that affect the health of children enrolled in the childcare home.

Program Objectives
Use of Funds:
During the course of the 36-month grant period, the performance objectives are: 1) Complete EHS assessments to 100 home based childcare provider homes; 2) Educate 200 childcare providers on methods to reduce the risks that EHS hazards present to children; 3) Perform contractor remediation of EHS hazards in 50 of the 100 homes assessed; 4) Educate & train additional 200 childcare providers on methods to identify EHS hazards in the home, and how to take independent and effective action to reduce the risks of hazards; 5) Educate childcare providers how to make their own non-toxic cleaning products; 6) Enroll 35 childcare provider leaders in a “Train the Trainer” project to educate their network of childcare providers about the Healthy Homes model; 6) Refer 50 childcare providers to “Pest-Free Maintenance” for pests evaluation and treatment; 7) Provide follow-up treatment to 15 childcare providers with excessive pests/rodent problems; 8. Conduct a series of four “Safer-Spaces” Workshops to educate providers about maintaining a safe and pest-free home; 9) Conduct a mini-conference for home-based childcare providers; 10) Conduct 27 environmental health and safety workshops/trainings; and 11) Distribute 50 recycling buckets filled with information about recycling, city health services and non-toxic cleaning products.

Grant Achievements for the Quarter: For the quarter, six homes received work to remediate environmental health and safety hazards, for a total of 46 for the Project.

Actual # of FTE jobs created for the quarter*:

Q8: 3.00

Q9: 2.72

Q10: 0

*In the City of Philadelphia’s quarterly federal report, also know as Section 1512 reports, jobs are calculated based on hours worked, instead of the number of people at work. It also looks only at jobs funded directly by the Recovery Act, and does not include jobs created indirectly. Direct jobs are counted quarterly and are not cumulative.

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