Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP)

General Information
Program/Project Name: Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP)

Funding Category: Serving the Most Vulnerable

Program Description
Federal Grant Name: Senior Community Service Employment Program ARRA

Programs Supported Through Funding: Senior Community Service Employment

Why Apply for this Grant?
Funds were not applied for. The MCOA received these funds by way of its relationship as a subcontractor with Philadelphia Corporation for Federally (DOL) funded employment training programs through the Senior Community Service Employment Program.

Program Objectives:
Use of Funds: To foster and promote part-time work experience and job training in community service activities for disadvantaged and low income persons who are 55 years of age and older, with the following specific objectives:

1. provide additional income
2. upgrade job skills for placement in the competitive labor force
3. regain a sense of community involvement. Eligibility criteria include age (must be 55 years of age or older), residence (must be domiciled in the City of Philadelphia), income (not exceed the low income standards defined in section 641.500(a) of the SCSEP regulations issued by the DOL), and be unemployed, with difficulty in securing work.

Overall Grant Achievements:

  1. Expanded the number of Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) participants assigned to community service work/training by 43. These participants are unemployed, most vulnerable, low-income Philadelphians age 55 and over.
  2. Provided minimum wage to the 43 participants for 20 hours of work/training per week. Many of those participants entered the program with no income or very low income.
  3. Provided increased community services in 18 Philadelphia agencies designated 501(C)(3) or public agency.
  4. Nine participants obtained unsubsidized employment.
  5. The remaining participants, at the end of the funding, were moved to another SCSEP funding source to continue work/training.
  6. Participants’ job skills were updated.
  7. Participants’ sense of community, mental health, living situation, sense of purpose and well being, work place skills, and outlook on life were improved.
  8. Hired two part-time participants with ARRA funds – one Administrative Assistant and one Administrative Assistant, Fiscal enabling increased and faster services to applicants and participants.
  9. Received Awards for Administrative Assistant ARRA/SCSEP – (1) Emergency Fund Coalition for Older Philadelphians “Seniors Who Build a Better Philadelphia” award (2) 2010 Pennsylvania Department of Aging’s Outstanding Senior Community Service Employment Program Participant Award presented in Hershey by John Michael Hall, Secretary of Aging and (3) Mature Worker’s Task Force Award during National Employ Older Workers Week.

Actual # of FTE jobs created for the quarter*:

Q3: .93

Q4: 1.07

Q5: Complete

*In the City of Philadelphia’s quarterly federal report, also know as Section 1512 reports, jobs are calculated based on hours worked, instead of the number of people at work. It also looks only at jobs funded directly by the Recovery Act, and does not include jobs created indirectly. Direct jobs are counted quarterly and are not cumulative.

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