Philadelphia Successfully Meets Federal Gov’t. Reporting Guidelines

Today, the City of Philadelphia successfully uploaded 38 of its quarterly reports for the fifth ARRA reporting quarter ending September 30, 2010, thus satisfying the federal government’s reporting requirements. As part of the guidelines for completing the quarterly reports,  otherwise known at 1512 reports, ARRA grant recipients must include the total amount of Recovery Act dollars received, total expenditures (including by subcontractors), and the total number of jobs created or retained, among other information.

For a more detailed explanation of the type of programs Recovery dollars are being used to help fund and support, as well as the Recovery Act’s overall impact on the City, we encourage you to read Stimulus at Work in Philadelphia: The Mayor’s Quarterly Update. The inaugural issue, released in August 2010,  covers all information for the fourth ARRA reporting quarter, which ended on June 30th. The August issue can be accessed by clicking here.

The next issue, highlighting the fifth quarter’s activities, will be released at the end of October.

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