The Early Successes of PhillyRising & Mayor Nutter’s Vision for the City

PhillyRising is a new initiative, targeting neighborhoods throughout Philadelphia that are plagued by chronic crime and quality of life problems, and require a coordinated, multi-agency and community response. Neighborhoods selected for PhillyRising typically have issues concerning blight, crime, vacant properties, low income, and other indicators of a poor quality of life.

Thanks to a small amount of “seed” money from the $13.5 million Recovery Act Byrne Grant awarded to the City, a range of City services and resources are being pulled together, in order to combat crime and the other factors associated with the decline of a neighborhood, including blight, homelessness, etc.

PhillyRising received its first big press coverage in Thursday’s (3/3) Inquirer, although the column failed to mention the program’s utilization of Recovery Act dollars.  To read Inquirer columnist Dan Geringer’s article, please click here.

Mayor Nutter’s faith in PhillyRising is evident, as the program and its work in the Hartranft neighborhood in North Philadelphia, were mentioned in his official budget address on Thursday, 3, 2011. To read the speech and, in turn, Mayor Nutter’s vision for Philadelphia, please click here.

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