PhillyRising’s John Farrell featured on Comcast Newsmakers

On May 27, 2011, John Farrell spoke to Comcast Newsmakers about the efforts of PhillyRising to improve the quality of life for Philadelphians.

PhillyRising targets neighborhoods throughout Philadelphia that are plagued by chronic crime and quality of life problems that require a coordinated, multi-agency, and community response. Neighborhoods selected for PhillyRising typically have issues concerning blight, crime, vacant properties, low incomes, and other indicators of a poor quality of life. The primary objectives of PhillyRising are to:

  • Help those living and working in neighborhoods to realize their vision for their community;
  • Develop cost-effective methods for improving service delivery to each neighborhood;
  • Build sustainable, responsive solutions to the concerns of people living and working in each neighborhood;
  • Fight crime and the fear of crime.

Click here to watch the video. Or for more information on the efforts of PhillyRising, read the February 2011 issue of Stimulus at Work or visit PhillyRising on Facebook:

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