Philadelphia, September 30, 2011- U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk, U.S. Congressman Robert Brady and Mayor Michael A. Nutter visited Superfit, Inc., a jewelry manufacturer and exporter that recently relocated to Philadelphia, to highlight the impact of the American Jobs Act on small businesses and to discuss its job creation initiatives. During the month of September, Mayor Nutter held multiple economic development events focusing on the City’s investment and collaboration with Philadelphia’s businesses. The American Jobs Act, transmitted by President Barack Obama to the U.S. Congress, details a plan to put Americans back to work through tax cuts and credits, strategic investments and infrastructure improvements.

“The American Jobs Act, which President Obama is calling on Congress to pass immediately, will help small businesses in Philadelphia – like the one Mayor Nutter and I visited today – grow and expand, while putting more money in the pockets of hard-working Philadelphians,” said Ambassador Kirk, during a visit to Superfit, Inc.  “As Mayor Nutter can tell you, this new jobs proposal holds the kind of job-creating potential that Philadelphia needs now.  There is no time for delay to put Philadelphia – and the rest of America – back to work and get our economy moving again.”

Mayor Nutter added, “All month, I have been meeting with small business leaders, corporate CEOs, non-profit organizations and real estate developers to discuss one of the most important issues facing Philadelphia and our nation: jobs. I would like to thank Ambassador Kirk for coming to our city to reinforce how important it is to have a coordinated response to the unemployment hindering our economy’s growth. It is essential that Congress pass the American Jobs Act to spur job growth in all sectors of the economy.”

Congressman Brady said, “Small businesses need to grow and expand. They are the rock of our economy and the President’s American Jobs Act will help these entrepreneurs do just that. From my point of view it is really about jobs, jobs and more jobs.”

The American Jobs Act outlines incentives for the creation of jobs: tax cuts for businesses, infrastructure investments, creating innovative job unemployment insurance initiatives, a long-term deficit reduction plan and tax cuts for Americans. These programs are aimed at producing the conditions to allow companies to hire, entrepreneurs to invest and for the unemployed to find work. In Philadelphia, Mayor Nutter has highlighted businesses that are currently hiring new employees and that are expanding their operations during a difficult economic climate.

Superfit, Inc. is a specialized jewelry manufacturer that recently relocated near the Pennsylvania Convention Center earlier this year. The new facility houses the company’s offices and production studio. “The American Jobs Act is an important legislation for us because it could directly impact our business,” says Gena Alulis, CEO of Superfit, Inc. “With initiatives outlined in the plan such as the elimination or reduction of payroll tax, our business could save thousands of dollars each year. This will allow us to enhance wages and subsidize health care for our loyal employees, most of whom have been with us for over a decade.  It will also give us the opportunity to invest in new equipment to stay on the cutting edge of manufacturing in this digital age.  And most importantly, it will give us the ability to grow, by training and hiring new people. Thus making good on the bill’s promise of real, tangible job creation.”

Throughout the month of September, Mayor Nutter is holding a number of events highlighting ongoing job creation and retention throughout the city. These announcements are intended to communicate and build on the successes of the City’s “Smart City.  Smart Choice.” economic development strategy.  More information can be found at

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