November 3, 2011 –Mayor Michael A. Nutter will visit the 40th Street Bridge project today to meet with construction workers and neighbors and to advocate for sustained infrastructure investment by the Federal government. Today, the U.S. Senate will vote on the Rebuild America Jobs Act, which would invest $50 billion into transportation infrastructure including highway systems, transit systems, rail enhancements and airport improvements.

“The Rebuild America Jobs Act will help cities and states to invest immediately in infrastructure improvements that create jobs and will renew America’s commitment to having the best roads, bridges and rail systems in the world,” said Mayor Nutter. “President Obama understands by investing in America’s infrastructure, we are improving the livability of our neighborhoods. The 40th Street Bridge project, which is largely financed with Federal dollars, will reconnect the city to the historic Fairmount Park Centennial District. This bridge is an example of a Federal investment that reduces blight, increases mobility, and creates jobs that cannot be outsourced.”

Other provisions include the creation of the National Infrastructure Bank, which would establish an independent institution to offer support to qualified infrastructure projects of regional and national significance. The Rebuild America Jobs Act is part of the American Jobs Act that President Obama presented to Congress in early September.

Next week, Congress will start work on re-authorization of the Surface Transportation Act. Mayor Nutter added, “There are few pieces of legislation where labor, business and America’s cities stand side by side in support.  Passing this legislation is critical to keeping America on the move, supporting America’s businesses and creating jobs.  Any member of Congress serious about creating jobs should support passage of a long-term bill with at least this level spending.”

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